Friday, September 28, 2007

Eli Crowley is a Christ Church Kid!

Be Strong And Courageous Eli!
Eli Crowley is a Christ Church Kid, and so are his brothers Jake and Sam. All of us at Christ Church are praying for Eli and his family as he fights ALL Leukemia, he is always mentioned in Prayers of the People in the Zone.

Thought you might be interested in the article on Eli in the Daniel Island News:

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wednesday September 26th!

Wow, Moses is cool! Starting out as a baby who only survives because his parents trust in God, he is spoken to by God in the form of a burning bush, and parts the Red Sea! All of this from a guy who said, "No way, pick someone else!" (Exodus 4:13) But God knew Moses could do it, and God said he would be with Moses the whole time. Look at the BIG things that Moses accomplished.

Christ Church Kids had a great time looking at Moses. The Praise Place kids got to see what it was like for Moses to part the Red Sea, and had to try to cross without the "sea" coming down on them. Then they got to watch a skit, Moses in the Basket, put on by the Zone kids. Here's the cast of characters:
Moses' Father - Scott
Moses' Mother - Catherine
Miriam - Lara
Princess - Dylan
Maid 1 - Logan
Maid 2 - Madison
Maid 3 - Anna
Narrator - Elena
Baby Moses - Plastic Baby Doll

All costuming and stage direction done by Hannah, Sailor, Savannah, and Eleanor.

After only one run through, the Zone kids had it down and did a great job presenting the skit to the Praise Place kids. Seriously, it was the idea of the Zone kids to do the skit for Praise Place and they came up with the costumes themselves. The not so Little People did really Big Things Wednesday Night. Amanda, Trudie, Jen and Robin could not be prouder of these kids. Christ Church Kids Rock!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wednesday September 19th

More fun in the Zone and Praise Place. The most interesting part of Wednesday nights in the addition of the PowWow. This, the third time the kids had done it, went to a new level. The Zone kids are more comfortable sharing real, painful Pows for us to share, and meaningful Wows for us to celebrate. Prayer time before and after the Pow Wow was lead by the kids, with Miss Amanda and Miss Robin participating as part of the group, but not necessarily as the leaders.

Daniel was the Hero we looked at, especially how he handled the Lion's Den in Daniel 6.

In Praise Place, the heroes worked on their paper representations of themselves. Soon the Heroes of Praise Place will be in the Worship Room keeping watch and reminding us that:


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wednesday Update

Christ Church kids had lots of fun last night, starting with Pow Wows both in Praise Place and the Zone. This is a time to do real sharing of all of our highs and lows, meant to foster community, understanding and real relationships.

Continuing our study of Heroes of the Bible, we joined the Praise Place kids for the Veggie Tale video clip _Dave and the Giant Pickle_, the David and Goliath story told in Veggie form. Even the littlest guy (Dave) can defeat the biggest guy (the Giant) when he had God behind him. Likewise, Little People Can Do Big Things when God is behind them, and that is the motto in Children's Ministries.

Monday, September 10, 2007

What a great time we had @ the 9s in Children's Ministries

Lots of Christ Church kids had a great time @ the 9s on 9/9!

In the Zone Ms. Ann lead the lesson on Philemon 1-20, and the kids learned about forgiveness and peace. Then they went to make Peace/Love/Forgive/ Jesus pinwheels with a lot of help from the middle school and high school.

In Praise Place, Ms. Jen and Ms. Anna had a bunch of kids pretending to be the runaway slave, Onesimus. They were hiding beneath a sheet! They got to make pinwheels too, and there was lots of fun with the big kids from middle school and high school.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Coming Up Sunday 9/9@9

9/9@9 is finally here! We are looking forward to the first Sunday Morning @the 9s in Children's Ministries. We have fun things planned, games, crafts, snacks and a whole lot of christian community.

This week the fun will be revolving around the lesson of Philemon 1-20. In Paul's letter, he asks Philemon to forgive his former slave, Onesimus, for running away. The former slave is referred to by Paul as "our faithful and dear brother" and "my son" because Onesimus had been transformed by the Holy Spirit and was now his "brother in Christ." We will dig into peace and forgiveness. We forgive others because Jesus forgave us by dying on the cross.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wednesday Nights in Children's Ministries have begun!

Wednesday nights are back! Yea!
After a delicious dinner of Hawaiian Chicken (thank you Cheralaine) the kids went to the Children's Ministries Building. After running off some energy on the playground they got down to the business of some serious christian community.

In Praise Place, the 3k - 5k kids were with Trudie and Jen, and the discussion was on heroes. The kids all know modern day heroes like firefighters, police officers and the military, and they reviewed some heroes of the Bible. Then the kids were introduced to the idea that even little people can do big things, so that all the kids present are the Heroes of Praise Place! Keep watching the Praise Place Worship Room to see what these heroes look like.

On the Zone side, 1st - 5th graders were with Robin and Amanda and they went on a tour of newly painted rooms. The kids were especially interested in the Creation Zone where arts & crafts will happen, and they had lots of great ideas for art and projects and decorations!

Then they got together for a Pow Wow! With a drum being passed around the kids got the chance to beat on the drum and tell the group their Pow of the week (the toughest thing) and the Wow of the week (the best thing). Then they prayed for God to help them through the Pows, and gave thanks to God for the Wows.

Moving on to the hero discussion, the kids listed firefighters, medical professionals, police officers, all military, God, and Jesus. When it moved to heroes of the bible they listed David, Moses, Joshua, Esther, Jesus, Paul, God and there was good discussion of their superior biblical knowledge! They were excited by the fact that they are the Heroes of the Zone, and they are coming up with creative ways to show it.

Stay tuned...or better yet, Join Us!

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